MW3 Shotguns

Here is a list of the shotguns that will appear in the MW3 multiplayer. Shotguns will act as Primary Weapons in Modern Warfare 3.


The USAS 12 is an automatic shotgun that was developed in South Korea by Daewoo Precision Industries. It is a gas-operated shotgun that is designed to provide heavy firepower in close quarters combat situations. This weapon is unlocked from the beginning in MW3.

Mw3 usas-12

KSG 12

The Kel-Tec KSG is a 12 gauge bullpup pump-action shotgun that will appear in MW3. This weapon was manufactured in the USA. It is unlocked from the start at Level 1.


Spas 12

The Spas 12 shotgun first appeared in MW2. Because of its popularity, Infinity Ward decided to bring it back. The Spas 12 is a combat shotgun that was developed in Italy. In real life, it can be used as a pump action or a semi automatic shotgun.

Spas 12 MW3


The Striker is returning in MW3 as a semi-automatic shotgun that is unlocked at Level 48. This is a 12-gauge shotgun that was developed in South Africa by Hilton Walker in the 1980s. This weapon was also seen in MW2.

Model 1887

The Model 1887 is also returning in MW3. When MW2 was first released, it gained a notorious reputation for having a much larger range than the rest of the shotguns. Later, its range was nerfed. This shotgun was designed in 1887 by American gun designer John Browning. Production of the 1887 stopped in 1901. This can be unlocked at Level 62.

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