This is an offical list of the LMGs that will feature in the MW3 multiplayer.


The L86 LSW LMG appeared in MW2 as the primary weapon on the default class Overwatch. It dealt the most damage-per-second than any gun in the game. It is a magazine-fed automatic weapon. In MW3, it will be available from the beginning of the game. This weapon was developed in the United Kingdom.



The MG36 is also unlocked from the beginning of the game. Developed by Heckler and Koch in Germany, this LMG is a variant of the G36 Assault Rifle, which is an Assault Rifle in MW3. It should be noted that this weapon is no longer offered by Heckler & Koch.

PKP Pecheneg

The PKP Pecheneg is a new addition to the Call of Duty series. This is available at the start of the game. The PKP Pecheneg was developed in Russia and is currently being used by Spetsnaz. The gun is named after a warlike tribe of Turkic people.



The M249 LMG is an American version of the Belgian FN Minimi LMG. It is currently used by the US army. In-game, this weapon can be unlocked at Level 68.


The M60E4 is a variant of the M60 LMG, which featured in Black Ops. In MW3, it can be unlocked at Level 72. The M60E4 is the most modern variant of the M60. In general, it is the most reliable weapon out of all the M60 Light Machine Guns. This was developed in the United States in 1957.

M60E4 mw3

Black Ops 2 LMGs