MW3 Killsteaks

In MW3, killstreaks are divided into three different presets called Strike Chains. Each Strike Chain has its own list of killstreaks that the player can select. The three Strike Chains in MW3 are called:

  • Assault Package
  • Support Package
  • Specialist Package

Assault Package - Killstreaks

3 Kills: UAV
The UAV killstreak tells you where enemy players are.
4 Kills: Care Package
The Care Package is an air-dropped package that will give you a random killstreak.
5 Kills: IMS
The IMS is an Intelligent Munitions System. It acts like a powerful bouncing betty.
5 Kills: Predator Missile
The Predator Missile returns as a killstreak in MW3.
5 Kills: Sentry Gun
The Sentry Gun also returns for Modern Warfare 3. It automatically fires at enemy players that come into view.
6 Kills: Precision Airstrike
The Precision Airstrike returns in MW3.
7 Kills: Attack Helicopter
Another well-known killstreak. This has been around the COD 4 days. The Attack Helicopter will travel around the map and fire at enemy players.
9 Kills: Strafe Gun
This is a new killstreak. The Strafe Gun will call in five helicopters. These helicopters will strafe from side to side at a specific point on the map and fire upon enemy players.
9 Kills: Little Bird Guard
The Little Bird Guard is also a new killstreak in MW3. This is a mini helicopter that can be remote controlled by the player. It can spot and attack enemy players.
10 Kills: Assault Drone
Another new addition to our batch of killstreaks. The Assault Drone is a remote controlled turret that can move throughout the map and fire upon enemy players.
12 Kills: AC-130
The AC-130 will be returning in MW3. The AC-130 is a player-controlled airship that boasts enormous fire power.
12 Kills: Pavelow
The Pavelow, which was a 9 killstreak in MW2, will be returning. This is a heavy attack helicopter that roams the maps and fires at enemy players. This is an extremely powerful gunship.
15 Kills: Juggernaut
This is an advanced armor package that the player can wear. It will give you extra health for a limited amount of time.
17 Kills: Osprey Gunner
The Osprey Gunner is a new killstreak in MW3. It will act like the Chopper Gunner in MW2. However, it will also drop care packages for your team mates. This will be an extremely powerful killstreak, which is why you'll need 17 kills before you can earn it.

Support Package - Killstreaks

3 Kills: UAV
A killstreak that shows you where enemy players are on the minimap.
4 Kills: Counter UAV
The Counter UAV blocks the minimaps of enemy combatants.
5 Kills: Ballistic Vests
This is a new killstreak to MW3. It will drop a crate full of ballistic vests that your team mates can pick up. Ballistic Vests will give you increased health until you die.
5 Kills: Airdrop Trap
The Airdrop Trap will work like a hacked Care Package from Black Ops. An enemy player will think that it's a care package and attempt to retrieve it. Once he tries to retrieve it, the package will explode.
8 Kills: Sam Turret
The Sam Turret is an 8 killstreak. It will act as an anti-air turret that will fire upon enemy aircraft.
10 Kills: Recon Drone
The Recon Drone is a new addition in MW3. It will act as a controllable UAV that will detect enemy positions.
12 Kills: Remote Turret
The Remote Turret will be act like a Sentry Gun that the player can manually control. It has wheels so that it can roam around the map.
14 Kills: Stealth Bomber
The Stealth Bomber will cluster bomb a specific part of the map.
18 Kills: EMP
The EMP takes down all enemy aircraft. It also disables enemy equipment and scopes.
18 Kills: Juggernaut Recon
The Juggernaut Recon killstreak will give you increased armor, as well as a Riot Shield. The drawback is that you will only be able to use a pistol.
18 Kills: Escort Airdrop
The Escort Airdrop will see an Osprey Gunship arrive and drop care packages for your team mates. It will then stay and defend the care packages until they have been retrieved.

Specialist Package - Killstreaks

The Specialist Package Strike Chain is a bit different. You don't get to select regular killstreaks. Instead, you get to select 3 extra perks. These perks will be unlocked after 2, 4 and 6 kills. If you reach 8 kills without dying, you will be given every single perk in MW3. If you die, it resets back to the default. Choosing the Specialist Package means that you won't get to avail of other killstreaks.