MW3 Class Info

Here is everything else that you can select for your class loudouts in Modern Warfare 3.

Lethal Equipment in MW3

  • Frag Grenade
  • Semtex
  • Throwing Knife
  • Bouncing Betty
  • Claymore
  • C4

Equipment in MW3

  • Flash Grenade - blinds enemy players.
  • Concussion Grenade - stuns enemy players.
  • Scrambler - A portable device that works like the Jammer in Black Ops
  • EMP Grenade - This can destroy enemy killstreaks and equipment.
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Trophy System - The Trophy System in MW3 is a portable device that will block and deflect all enemy explosives. In the trailer, we could see the Trophy System block an RPG rocket.
  • Tactical Insert - Basically, this is the Tactical Insertion. In MW3, it will allow players to respawn at a designated area of the map.
  • Portable Radar - Works like a motion sensor.

Riot Shield in MW3

The Riot Shield returns as a primary weapon in Modern Warfare 3. The Riot Shield acts as a shield against bullets and melee attacks.

Attachments in MW3

  • Red Dot Sight - a scope with a red dot. Suitable for all ranges.
  • Silencer - less sound. Also prevents you from showing up on the minimap when you fire.
  • Grenade Launcher / Noobtube - allows you to launch grenades from your assault rifle.
  • ACOG Scope - a medium-range scope.
  • Heartbeat Sensor - tells you if an enemy player is nearby.
  • Hybrid Sight - switch between short range and long range scopes.
  • Extended Mags - more bullets per magazine.
  • Thermal Scope - highlights enemy players in white.
  • Rapid Fire - increases the rate of fire.
  • HAMR Scope
  • Holographic Scope
  • Grip - helps decrease recoil.
  • Variable Zoom Scope - allows you to change between different ranges on your scope.

Sight Reticules in MW3

Sight Reticules are small shapes that appear in the middle of your scope. For instance, the default Red Dot Sight has a red dot in the middle.
  • Target Dot
  • Delta
  • U-Dot
  • Mil-Dot
  • Omega
  • Lambda

Proficiencies in MW3

A proficiency is an extra perk that goes alongside your primary weapon. This is a completely new feature. A proficiency is unlocked much like an attachment is. i.e. as you level up and complete challenges with your primary weapon, different proficiencies will be unlocked for it.

  • Kick - The kick proficiency reduces the amount of recoil on your primary weapon.
  • Range - This proficiency will increase the range on your weapon
  • Focus - This reduces your flinch while you're being shot. i.e. you can remain accurate while taking damage.
  • Attachments - This allows you to equip two attachments for your weapon.
  • Melee - Melee allows you to knife other players much more quickly.
  • Stability - The Stability proficiency reduces sway on your gun.
  • Impact - This allows for deeper impact through walls. It works like FMJ would.
  • Speed - This allows for faster movement while you have your primary weapon equipped.
  • Damage - The Damage Proficiency allows your shotgun shells to do more damagae.

Death Streaks in MW3

Death Streaks are returning in MW3. There are as follows:

  • 4 Deaths - Juiced: Juiced allows you to run much faster than you normally could.
  • 5 Deaths - Revenge: Revenge is a death streak that reveals the location of the enemy that last killed you.
  • 4 Deaths - Final Stand: Final Stand in MW3 is a death streak that allows you to survive being shot. You'll fall onto your back after receiving the damage needed to die. This gives you a chance to get back up again without actually dying.
  • 4 Deaths - Martyrdom: Martyrdom will allow you to drop a frag grenade after you have died.
  • 5 Deaths - Deadman's Hand
  • 5 Deaths - Hallow's Point