MW3 Assault Rifles

This is the official list of Assault Rifles that will appear in the MW3 multiplayer. All of these guns have been confirmed.


The M4A1 is unlocked from the start. It is a fully automatic Assault Rifle that is popular among special forces units. This weapon was also featured as an Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2.

M4A1 MW3


In MW3, the M16A4 will be available from the beginning. It will fire a 3-round burst, just like it did in MW2. This weapon is more effective at long-range combat.



In the previous Modern Warfare game, we were introduced to the SCAR-H Assault Rifle. This time, in MW3, we will be getting a chance to use the SCAR-L. H stands for heavy, whereas L stands for Light.



The CM901 is unlocked from the beginning. Developed by Colt in the United States, this weapon is based on the M16 and the M4. In case you were wondering, CM stands for Colt Modular.


Type 95

The Type 95 is a 3-burst Assault Rifle, just like M16A4. In MW3, you will be able to unlock the weapon at Level 32. This gun was developed in China.

Type 95 MW3


The G36c was first featured in Call of Duty 4. It has since been confirmed that it will be returning in MW3. The gun can be unlocked at Level 42. This weapon was developed by Heckler & Koch in the early 1990s. The letter c stands for Compact and the weapon originates from Germany.

G36c mw3

ACR 6.8

The ACR will be returning in MW3. Many Call of Duty fans will remember how accurate the ACR Assault Rifle was in MW2; as it had virtually zero recoil. This gun was designed by Magpul Industries in the United States. The ACR 6.8 can be unlocked at Level 50.



The MK14 Assault Rifle is semi-automatic. In MW3, it can be unlocked at Level 60. This is an enhanced Battle Rifle. Developed in the United States, it is currently used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Originally built to be used by the Navy Seals.



The AK-47 is a fan-favorite that has been present in the last three Call of Duty games. In MW3, it can be unlocked at Level 68. The AK-47 was developed in the Soviet Union. This is one of the most-used Assault Rifles in the world.

MW3 ak47


The FAD is the last Assault Rifle to be unlocked in MW3. It can be unlocked at Level 78. This weapon was developed in Peru. It was designed by Salomón Braga Lozo from SIMA Electronica.


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