Friday, May 11, 2012

Terminal as map pack for MW3?

EDIT: It is now official. Terminal will be a free DLC for MW3.

It looks as if Terminal is set to return as a classic map pack in MW3 this May. After a patch was released for MW3 on the PC, Reddit user DainBramage77 decided to look through the files that were included in it. Inside the patch file, he found a bunch of files that were named after current maps such as Foundary and Sanctuary. However, he also came across a number of files that were named after the map Terminal. These were:

  • preview_mp_terminal_cls_vote.iwi
  • preview_mp_terminal_cls_lobby.iwi
  • preview_mp_terminal_cls.iwi

After Reddit user called DsmvwldCmmntr was then able to convert one the files, which showed the loading screen for the map Terminal:

Terminal MW3 returning

The question now is: Will Terminal be free? Before Robert Bowling left Infinity Ward, he said that he wanted classic map packs to be free and separate from the regular DLC content. Time will only tell!