Saturday, May 12, 2012


Here are the details about the MW3 DLC for May:

There will be 3 multiplayer maps in the May DLC. These are:
  • Sanctuary: This is monastery that is located on top a mountain in Greece. Includes a graveyard that plays ghost voices.
  • Foundation: This map is basically a large foundary / construction site.
  • Oasis: Situated on the coast line of United Emirates.
There will be two new Special Ops Missions. These will be called "Iron Clad" and "Kill Switch". Then, you have four new maps for a brand new game mode called "Face Off". Face Off will be a game mode that allows 1v1 and 2v2 match-ups. The maps (which will be much smaller than your typical COD maps) will be called "Getaway", "Lookout", "Erosion" and "Aground".

There are also rumors that Terminal (a classic map from MW2) will be made available for the May DLC. Some people believe that classic maps will be available for download for free (Robert Bowling said that he wanted DLC content to be separated from classic maps).

When will PS3 and PC be getting the May DLC for MW3?
This question is often asked. Usually, it works like this: First, XBox Elite subscribers will get the map first. Then, PS3 Elite subscribers will get it. Then, regular players on the XBox will get it. After that, regular players on PS3 and PC will get it. This is because of an ongoing deal between Microsoft (who own the 360) and Activision.