Monday, April 9, 2012

New Map Pack DLC for April announced - Sanctuary and Foundation

The newest DLC for April has been announced in the form of two new map packs. These maps are called Sanctuary and Foundation.

This was announced by the Call of Duty Elite twitter team (if you remember, Robert Bowling resigned from from IW last month.)

Anyway, this specific map pack will be available to XBox Live COD Elite premium subscribers tomorrow, according to the Twitter update.

Sanctuary MW3

Judging by the screenshot above, Sanctuary seems to be a map that is based around a church or a monastery. Foundation sounds like it might have something to do with "metal works" or a construction site. Here's a screenshot of the Foundation map:

Foundation MW3

If you're a PS3 player, the first DLC drop for you will occur on the 14th of April, which is in 4 days time.

For your viewing entertainment, here's some knifing in gun game reactions (WARNING: BAD LANGUAGE)