Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is whiteboy7thst the new community manager?

Rumors swept the Internet last night after Whiteboy7thst, a Youtuber that make's Call of Duty content, insinuated that he may become the new community manager for Infinity Ward.

whiteboy7thst made a number of tweets that alluded to him getting the position:
I'm talking to a few "friends" tomorrow. I want to bring up dead Mans hand, fmg'9s, final stand, spawns, and lagcomp. Am I missing anything?
@Whiteboy7thst So I guess the campaign for #Whiteboy4CM worked!!

While this might be good for him and his subscribers, there are a large amount of people that are very unhappy about the prospect of him becoming community manager.

  • He came under criticism last year after he intentionally miscategorized his gaming videos in order to get more views/money.
  • He was also criticized for taking part in the bumping scandal on Youtube. Basically,  Whiteboy7thst and a few of the other big Youtubers figured out a way to bump their videos back up to the top of the sub box. This led to a lot more views, which led to them making more money. The term "greedy" was thrown around a lot.
  • Whiteboy7thst was also criticized for his giveaway videos as many people saw the strategy as exploitative and greedy. In these videos, he promised to give prizes away to random users that commented in the comment section, but ONLY if they favorited the video in question and subscribed to him. Even though he received a lot of criticism for this, Whiteboy7thst ignored everyone and continued on doing it. This left a very sour taste in everyone's mouth.

If Whiteboy7thst becomes the new community manager, there is going to be a lot of unhappy Call of Duty players out there.