Monday, April 23, 2012

Quadrotor to appear as killstreak in Black Ops 2

It looks as if the Quadrotor will appear as a killstreak in Black Ops 2. The blurry teaser image that was posted on the official Call of Duty website was edited and photoshopped by a number of people, who managed to "brighten" the image. This is a remote-controlled flying drone that can fire an SMG. Read more about the Quadrotor in Black Ops.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Black Ops 2 Weapons leaked

Apparently, a source has leaked a number of details about Black Ops 2, including the weapon list. Apparently, guns like the Dragunov and the Spas-12 will be returning.

Black Ops 2 guns list

Friday, April 13, 2012

COD Elite Hacked - White nationalist video placed in staff picks

An embarrassing moment for Infinity Ward and Beachhead Studios. Apparently, a white nationalist video showing "Aryan content" has managed to make it's way onto the staff picks section of Call of Duty Elite.

Three possibilities:

  1. One of the the IW / Beachhead Studio employees had their account hacked and the hacker in question decided to rub it in their faces by posting a video on Elite that was sure to get people's attention.
  2. When picking a video for their "staff picks" section, one of the employees messed up when copying and pasting a Youtube URL. For all we know, the left out a character at the end of their link or something.
  3. For whatever reason, the staff member who posted this had previously copied and pasted a link to the video in question and didn't realize that it was still on their clipboard.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ghost voices on Sanctuary

Whenever a player happens to wander into the cemetery on Sanctuary, a number of ghost voices can be heard at certain points on the map:

These voices say things like:

  1. "Don't get too close to the road sweetie!"
  2. "Sarah, don't go too far!"
  3. "Look at me Daddy!"
  4. Girl's laughter

Each part of the cemetery in Sanctuary will trigger a different ghost voice.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Woman's Voice on Sanctuary

On the map Sanctuary, a Reddit user called Perksizer discovered a woman's ghost voice being played. This isn't a fake, as Infinity Ward developer BanCandy actually replied to the post and let everyone know that she knew what the woman was saying. She didn't tell anyone though, stating she wanted to hear what everyone's guesses were first (I'll update this post if she lets everyone know what she was saying).

What do you think the woman on Sanctuary is saying?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Foundation gameplay - DLC

Here's some gameplay on the new MW3 map pack Foundation. Looks a bit like Quarry in MW2. Anyway, both Foundation and Sanctuary were released today for XBox COD Elite premium subscribers!

Is whiteboy7thst the new community manager?

Rumors swept the Internet last night after Whiteboy7thst, a Youtuber that make's Call of Duty content, insinuated that he may become the new community manager for Infinity Ward.

whiteboy7thst made a number of tweets that alluded to him getting the position:
I'm talking to a few "friends" tomorrow. I want to bring up dead Mans hand, fmg'9s, final stand, spawns, and lagcomp. Am I missing anything?
@Whiteboy7thst So I guess the campaign for #Whiteboy4CM worked!!

While this might be good for him and his subscribers, there are a large amount of people that are very unhappy about the prospect of him becoming community manager.

  • He came under criticism last year after he intentionally miscategorized his gaming videos in order to get more views/money.
  • He was also criticized for taking part in the bumping scandal on Youtube. Basically,  Whiteboy7thst and a few of the other big Youtubers figured out a way to bump their videos back up to the top of the sub box. This led to a lot more views, which led to them making more money. The term "greedy" was thrown around a lot.
  • Whiteboy7thst was also criticized for his giveaway videos as many people saw the strategy as exploitative and greedy. In these videos, he promised to give prizes away to random users that commented in the comment section, but ONLY if they favorited the video in question and subscribed to him. Even though he received a lot of criticism for this, Whiteboy7thst ignored everyone and continued on doing it. This left a very sour taste in everyone's mouth.

If Whiteboy7thst becomes the new community manager, there is going to be a lot of unhappy Call of Duty players out there.

Monday, April 9, 2012

PS3 players to get first DLC pack this month

If you're a PS3 player that doesn't have a COD Elite premium subscription, then you might be feeling a little hard done by. Unfortunately, Microsoft have an existing deal with Activision, which means that XBox Live always tends to get the Call of Duty map packs before PS3 players do.

This month, on the 14th of April (4 days time), regular PS3 / PC players will get access to the first MW3 DLC pack, which includes map packs such as Liberation, Overwatch and Piazza, alongside some new Spec Ops missions.

In case you didn't already know, the next MW3 map pack will include maps called Sanctuary and Foundation.

New Map Pack DLC for April announced - Sanctuary and Foundation

The newest DLC for April has been announced in the form of two new map packs. These maps are called Sanctuary and Foundation.

This was announced by the Call of Duty Elite twitter team (if you remember, Robert Bowling resigned from from IW last month.)

Anyway, this specific map pack will be available to XBox Live COD Elite premium subscribers tomorrow, according to the Twitter update.

Sanctuary MW3

Judging by the screenshot above, Sanctuary seems to be a map that is based around a church or a monastery. Foundation sounds like it might have something to do with "metal works" or a construction site. Here's a screenshot of the Foundation map:

Foundation MW3

If you're a PS3 player, the first DLC drop for you will occur on the 14th of April, which is in 4 days time.

For your viewing entertainment, here's some knifing in gun game reactions (WARNING: BAD LANGUAGE)

Black Ops 2 logo leaked

Looks like the Black Ops 2 logo might have been leaked. It's posted over on the Black Ops 2 blog. It is that time of the year when Treyarch are due to release a teaser/trailer video, so we won't have long to find out whether this leak is a fake or not.

Check out the leaked logo.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why is the class on AOE/All or nothing called BoxOfDemons?

I've heard a few people ask this question in-game. Basically, BoxOfDemons is the XBox Live gamertag of the guy who actually created the MW3 FFA Gun Game mode called All of Nothing (abbreviated to AOE). BoxOfDemons created the game mode for a private match and uploaded a video of it to's MW3 section. My guess is that somebody from IW saw that video on Reddit (both Bancandy and Robert Bowling have been known to look at that particular section of Reddit). That; or it just became a popular game mode in private matches and Infinity Ward picked up on it.