Monday, March 26, 2012

Why did Robert Bowling resign?

The big question on everyone's mind right now is "Why did Robert Bowling resign?"

Theory #1:
Robert Bowling got tired of all the hate that he received from Call of Duty players on Twitter. It eventually got to a point where he could no longer take it.

Personally, I don't think this is the real reason for his resignation. Bowling has been receiving hate for a long time now. It's apart of the job description, unfortunately. For years, he has served as the community manager / creative strategist for Infinity Ward and I'm pretty sure that he had (or grew) the thick skin that was needed in order to deal with the daily insults (and sometimes, even threats). Then again - maybe I'm completely wrong. Maybe it did reach a breaking point for him. Or maybe he just got tired of all of the negativity.

Theory #2:
Robert Bowling left Infinity Ward to join Respawn Entertainment.

This doesn't seem likely. As soon as he announced his resignation, a lot of people assumed that Bowling would be joining Respawn Entertainment. In case you didn't already know, Respawn is a company made up of ex-Infinity Ward Developers/Designers. In 2010, two of the lead heads of Infinity Ward were fired by Activision. After they were fired, a lot of the developers at Infinity Ward resigned and followed them to form a new company called Respawn Entertainment.

The reason this looks unlikely is because Respawn announced that they still had their own community manager and that people should ask Robert Bowling (and not them) where he was going.

Theory #3:
Robert Bowling was fired by Activision or forced to resign.

Stranger things have happened. I mean; Activision did fire Vince Zampella and Jason West, who were two of the original founders of Infinity Ward.

So far - there's absolutely no evidence of this being the case.

Theory #4:
Bowling left because he didn't have full creative control over where the series was heading.

This sounds plausible. Maybe he disagreed with Activision over a key part of the series and decided to call it a day? Maybe he felt as if Call of Duty was heading in a direction that he didn't like? Maybe Activision (or somebody else) overstepped a decision of his or denied him an important request?

Theory #5:
Robert Bowling resigned because he fell out with other employees at Infinity Ward.

Again; there's no evidence of this being the reason behind Robert Bowling resigning. However; these kind of things do happen, even at large companies like Activision. Maybe some sort of internal conflict took place and Bowling decided to leave? Maybe company culture (or lack of) was behind his decision? Maybe he just couldn't stand the atmosphere?

Theory #6:
Robert Bowling left to pursue other projects.

This sounds like a very likely explanation. Bowling has been known for having several side projects. Maybe he has decided to embark on a new venture?

Still just a theory, however.