Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gun Game added to MW3

IW have announced that they are adding a game mode called FFA Gunplay to the Community playlist, alongside Infection and Dropzone.

FFA Gunplay will include four variations:

Gun Game

Like in Black Ops, you will have to progress through 18 different weapons in order to win. This includes 2 sniper rifles.

Second Variation of Gun Game

This game will cycle through six different weapons, three times over. I'm guessing that this will be kind of like sharpshooter.

One in the Chamber

One in the Chamber will also be returning to MW3 as a public game mode. Players will begin with one bullet and a tactical knife. In order to earn another bullet, you must kill another person. That means that if you miss your first shot, you will be left without ammo, forcing you to use your knife. Each person will have 3 lives per round.

Community-created game mode

Everyone spawns with a USP and a tactical knife. Nobody has any ammo. In order to get ammo and use your weapon, you must kill somebody and grab the scavenger pack that they dropped. After you're killed, you respawn with no ammo.