Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flying glitch - Hacked lobbies

Lately, there has been an outbreak of hacked / modded lobbies where players end up flying off into the air. After witnessing this first hand, I can give some details on what happens in this kind of hacked lobby:

When you shoot somebody and your bullets hit, you will get hitmarkers and it will look as if they disappeared. This isn't the case. In these kind of hacked lobbies, shooting somebody actually sends them flying back at a very fast speed. So fast that you don't even realize it at first.

If the player you just shot is close to a wall etc, he or she will fly and smash against it (but take no extra damage). If the player isn't beside a wall, he or she will most likely fly backwards and then float / fly up into the sky.

Sometimes, players fly up into the sky and stay on top of the map. However, sometimes (like in my case), the player flies up and then floats outside of the map, until they fall beneath it. After you fall beneath the map in MW3, you are met with nothing but darkness. At this stage, you have to either wait the game out or quit. Below is a video of the hacked lobby I ended up in: