Monday, March 26, 2012

Bullets send players flying glitch

A Reddit user called trunksbomb joined a Team Deatmatch game on Carbon, only to find out that receiving damage from bullets would send you flying off into the air. Now obviously, this is one of the hacked / modded public lobbies that we've been hearing about over the past few weeks or so. Seeing is believing, and it looks as if hackers / modders have managed to bypass MW3's security and create public modded lobbies. In this match, trunksbomb said that after players were hit by bullets, they'd fly off into the air, sometimes landing outside of the map and being transported to the top of it. This obviously a serious situation for IW, who are no doubt trying to figure out the security flaw that allowed these type of modded public lobbies to exist.

EDIT: A few days later, I landed in a hacked MW3 lobby. I ended up flying up into the air and outside of the map: