Monday, February 13, 2012

Will Gun Game be made public on MW3?

In case you didn't already know, Gun Game was a popular game mode in Black Ops. Players started off on a weapon and had to progress through 20 different weapons in order to win the game. To progress past a weapon, you needed to kill somebody with it.

Anyway, since release; Gun Game has existed in MW3 as a private game mode. However, so did Drop Zone and Infected; and since then - both of those game types have made their way onto the Community playlist (which allows them to be played via public matchmaking). On Twitter, Robert Bowling said that adding Gun Game to the community playlist was a future option that they would be looking at. He also said that they added Drop Zone and Infection to the Community playlist based on the number of people that played them in private games. Unfortunately, that put Gun Game at a major disadvantage. Of course gamers were going to play Infected and Drop Zone because of how new and novel they were, whereas Gun Game had been out for an entire year.

Hopefully, Gun Game will be made public in MW3 in the next update.