Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Infected updates

A number of changes have been made to the Infection game mode (which can be found under the Community Playlist).

  1. The throwing knife is back. My guess is that it was too difficult for infected players to get at survivors hiding on top of glitch areas. Approaching the balcony on Dome without a throwing knife was extremely frustrating to say the least, especially if the guys on top of it were rocking the PP90m1.
  2. The RSASS sniper rifle is a new addition to the playlist. With this sniper rifle, you also get akimbo secondary handguns.
  3. The 50. Cal sniper rifle is also on the playlist. Unfortunately, you don't get a secondary weapon with it, so surviving can be difficult on close-quarters maps such as Hardhat.
  4. The AA-12 shotgun is now on the Infected playlist. Problem is; you don't get extended mags and your ammo is extremely low to start off with (16 shells overall w/ 8 per clip). You'll quickly run out of ammo if you're charged my multiple infected players. The only consolation is the fact that you get the Specialist Strike package with it. This means that you'll earn perks as you get more kills.
  5. The Striker class now comes equipped with the Specialist Package. To make things even better, you start off with Hardline as a perk, so earning the first perk on your package (Sleight of Hand) only takes one kill. This is one of the better classes. 
  6. The PP90m1 also comes equipped with the Specialist Package on Infected. This makes both the Striker and the PP90m1 classes extremely powerful. Both classes also have extended mags on by default.
  7. A number of glitches have been patched. If you get into these areas, the game will automatically kill you.