Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Infected glitch spots patched

A few days ago, Infected was added to the Community playlist and Dropzone was taken out. Since then, Infected has been a pretty popular game mode. Unfortunately, there were a few things were pretty annoying about Infected:

  • A lot of players spent the game trying to get up onto glitch areas in the map. This was annoying because if you were infected, there was no way you'd be able get at them unless you had a throwing knife. If a player standing on top of a glitch area had a striker or dual magnums, it would be close to impossible to get close enough in order to knife them.
  • Games ended after three minutes. At the beginning, the timer didn't really matter. However, as player's strategies evolved and players figured out ways to prolong their survival, this short time span became a problem.
  • You were only given two choice of loudouts. A striker or dual magnums. This became boring after a while.
Today, on Twitter, IW's community manager Robert Bowling announced that a lot of these issues had been dealt with and hotfixed (no need to download an update).

Firstly; a number of the glitches have been fixed. Now, if a player enters any of the areas listed below, they will be insta-killed by the game:
  • The ledge in Lockdown overlooking domination flag B. This window ledge is located in the corridor of the main building.
  • The lamp post in Fallen, which is at the back of the map. Players could jump from the railings over onto the top of the lamp post.
  • Bakaara helicopter rotor (bottom side). This is situated in the middle of the map.
  • Resistance telephone box / railing jump. This is at the end of the long alley by domination flag B.
  • The boxes in Hardhat. Players used to jump up onto these.
There are still a lot of glitch areas to be fixed. For example, the metal shed on Mission is still frequently used by almost everyone. You can still jump on top of the van in Resistance.

Fourzerotwo also mentioned that they had added the RSASS and the PP90M1 as weapons. They've taken out the dual magnums because I'm guessing that they were considered too weak (it would impossible to survive the infected for 10 minutes with those).

Another thing they've done is taken out the throwing knife. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Yes, it was difficult to survive the infected when they were launching hundreds of throwing knives at you. However, throwing knives are the only real counter to people using glitch areas in Infected.

Here are some of the crazy things you'll see on infected: