Saturday, February 11, 2012

Claymore glitch - Infected - Friendly fire

Over the past day or so, videos have begun to surface on Youtube showing players on Infected killing their own team mates with claymores. Obviously, this is a glitch that will probably be patched as soon as it becomes a more common "trolling device".

Basically, if you set down a claymore and shoot it while it's facing towards you, the blast will kill you and any team mates that are located behind you. This only seems to work if the blast kills you as well. There have been instances where players have been able to wipe out five or six of their own team mates in one blast. I'm not sure if this glitch is present on other game modes. However, in Infected, team mates often huddle up together in small corners, which means that the possibility of trolling people with this glitch is endless.

My guess is that this will be patched pretty quickly once IW get wind of it becoming a major problem. Until then, be wary of your own teammates ;)

In case you didn't already know, Infected is a new game made that was added to the community playlist last week. It's crazy and hectic, to say the least: