Monday, February 27, 2012

Banned for boosting - Bancandy

In case you didn't already know, an IW developer called Bancandy has spent the last few weeks reviewing player-submitted footage of boosters in MW3. After reviewing submitted videos, Bandcandy takes action and bans those involved. They guilty are also given a stat reset. Sometimes, the stat reset involves being given 0 kills and 1000 deaths. After being banned, boosters will often find that their in-game emblem has been reset to the Infinity Ward logo, which basically adds insult to injury. In the video below; one such booster received a ban after video footage of him boosting was submitted to Bancandy:

If you wish to report boosters on MW3, be sure to record Theater footage of them in the act and send it to Bancandy on the Call of Duty forums.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Clan Ops go live tomorrow

It seems as if Clan Operations will be going live tomorrow on COD Elite. According to the Call of Duty Elite Twitter page, the community's most anticipated feature will be available from tomorrow onward. In case you didn't already know - a number of technical issues with the website resulted in Clan Ops being held back for a couple of months. Apparently, the developers had to fix a number of underlying problems before the feature could be launched.

Speaking on Twitter, the COD Elite team said:
New ELITE functionality is almost here. Tomorrow, your most anticipated feature goes fully operational. Stay tuned.

It is pretty clear what this anticipated feature is.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Overwatch gameplay

Here is a teaser of some gameplay on the new MW3 map: Overwatch. It kind of looks like a cross between Hardhat and Highrise from MW2. Overwatch will be released this month as a map pack for XBox Live Elite subscribers.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Will Gun Game be made public on MW3?

In case you didn't already know, Gun Game was a popular game mode in Black Ops. Players started off on a weapon and had to progress through 20 different weapons in order to win the game. To progress past a weapon, you needed to kill somebody with it.

Anyway, since release; Gun Game has existed in MW3 as a private game mode. However, so did Drop Zone and Infected; and since then - both of those game types have made their way onto the Community playlist (which allows them to be played via public matchmaking). On Twitter, Robert Bowling said that adding Gun Game to the community playlist was a future option that they would be looking at. He also said that they added Drop Zone and Infection to the Community playlist based on the number of people that played them in private games. Unfortunately, that put Gun Game at a major disadvantage. Of course gamers were going to play Infected and Drop Zone because of how new and novel they were, whereas Gun Game had been out for an entire year.

Hopefully, Gun Game will be made public in MW3 in the next update.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Claymore glitch - Infected - Friendly fire

Over the past day or so, videos have begun to surface on Youtube showing players on Infected killing their own team mates with claymores. Obviously, this is a glitch that will probably be patched as soon as it becomes a more common "trolling device".

Basically, if you set down a claymore and shoot it while it's facing towards you, the blast will kill you and any team mates that are located behind you. This only seems to work if the blast kills you as well. There have been instances where players have been able to wipe out five or six of their own team mates in one blast. I'm not sure if this glitch is present on other game modes. However, in Infected, team mates often huddle up together in small corners, which means that the possibility of trolling people with this glitch is endless.

My guess is that this will be patched pretty quickly once IW get wind of it becoming a major problem. Until then, be wary of your own teammates ;)

In case you didn't already know, Infected is a new game made that was added to the community playlist last week. It's crazy and hectic, to say the least:

New prestige levels coming to XBox / PS3

The PC community was shocked yesterday when they realized that a number of new prestige levels had been added to MW3. For the moment, four hundred new ranks and five new prestige levels have been added to the game on PC.

Speaking on Twitter, the Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling announced that it was indeed official and that the new prestige levels would also be added to the XBox 360 and the PS3 in the upcoming future. Bowling Tweeted:
Added 400 new ranks of 5 new Prestige levels in Modern Warfare 3 on PC in latest patch. Expect the same on consoles soon for everyone! #MW3

While have some have welcomed the new levels, others have complained about the fact that they will have to continue to grind their way through five more prestiges in order to reach the top prestige level. The new icons for these can be seen below:

New prestige level icons

Many believe that these were added because of the fact that clan operations have not been implemented yet via COD Elite. Apparently, these clan operations rely on the fact that you are leveling up in rank.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Infected updates

A number of changes have been made to the Infection game mode (which can be found under the Community Playlist).

  1. The throwing knife is back. My guess is that it was too difficult for infected players to get at survivors hiding on top of glitch areas. Approaching the balcony on Dome without a throwing knife was extremely frustrating to say the least, especially if the guys on top of it were rocking the PP90m1.
  2. The RSASS sniper rifle is a new addition to the playlist. With this sniper rifle, you also get akimbo secondary handguns.
  3. The 50. Cal sniper rifle is also on the playlist. Unfortunately, you don't get a secondary weapon with it, so surviving can be difficult on close-quarters maps such as Hardhat.
  4. The AA-12 shotgun is now on the Infected playlist. Problem is; you don't get extended mags and your ammo is extremely low to start off with (16 shells overall w/ 8 per clip). You'll quickly run out of ammo if you're charged my multiple infected players. The only consolation is the fact that you get the Specialist Strike package with it. This means that you'll earn perks as you get more kills.
  5. The Striker class now comes equipped with the Specialist Package. To make things even better, you start off with Hardline as a perk, so earning the first perk on your package (Sleight of Hand) only takes one kill. This is one of the better classes. 
  6. The PP90m1 also comes equipped with the Specialist Package on Infected. This makes both the Striker and the PP90m1 classes extremely powerful. Both classes also have extended mags on by default.
  7. A number of glitches have been patched. If you get into these areas, the game will automatically kill you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Infected glitch spots patched

A few days ago, Infected was added to the Community playlist and Dropzone was taken out. Since then, Infected has been a pretty popular game mode. Unfortunately, there were a few things were pretty annoying about Infected:

  • A lot of players spent the game trying to get up onto glitch areas in the map. This was annoying because if you were infected, there was no way you'd be able get at them unless you had a throwing knife. If a player standing on top of a glitch area had a striker or dual magnums, it would be close to impossible to get close enough in order to knife them.
  • Games ended after three minutes. At the beginning, the timer didn't really matter. However, as player's strategies evolved and players figured out ways to prolong their survival, this short time span became a problem.
  • You were only given two choice of loudouts. A striker or dual magnums. This became boring after a while.
Today, on Twitter, IW's community manager Robert Bowling announced that a lot of these issues had been dealt with and hotfixed (no need to download an update).

Firstly; a number of the glitches have been fixed. Now, if a player enters any of the areas listed below, they will be insta-killed by the game:
  • The ledge in Lockdown overlooking domination flag B. This window ledge is located in the corridor of the main building.
  • The lamp post in Fallen, which is at the back of the map. Players could jump from the railings over onto the top of the lamp post.
  • Bakaara helicopter rotor (bottom side). This is situated in the middle of the map.
  • Resistance telephone box / railing jump. This is at the end of the long alley by domination flag B.
  • The boxes in Hardhat. Players used to jump up onto these.
There are still a lot of glitch areas to be fixed. For example, the metal shed on Mission is still frequently used by almost everyone. You can still jump on top of the van in Resistance.

Fourzerotwo also mentioned that they had added the RSASS and the PP90M1 as weapons. They've taken out the dual magnums because I'm guessing that they were considered too weak (it would impossible to survive the infected for 10 minutes with those).

Another thing they've done is taken out the throwing knife. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Yes, it was difficult to survive the infected when they were launching hundreds of throwing knives at you. However, throwing knives are the only real counter to people using glitch areas in Infected.

Here are some of the crazy things you'll see on infected:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Robert Bowling is literally Hitler

Robert Bowling, the community manager over at Infinity Ward (the guys who made MW3) - is literally Hitler.

Here are some real photos of him with Osama bin Laden and Kim Jong-il.

He even burned down an orphanage.

Check out Bowling is Literally Hitler