Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unreleased maps found in MW3 game files.

A Reddit user by the username of Furyhunter discovered unreleased maps in the MW3 game files this week.

The under-developed multiplayer map, named mp_coast was last touched by IW in February 2011. As you can, it wasn't exactly finished.


More interesting things were also found in the game files. Here is what looks to be the original design of Arkaden. Judging from this shot, it looks as if Arkaden was redesigned somewhere along the line:

arkaden original

Loading screens from both mp_strike and mp_crossfire also found in the game files. Does this mean that we should expect to see Strike and Crossfire from COD 4 in some future MW3 map packs?

The loading screen from a multiplayer map called mp_warlord was also found. The loading screen was simply a real-life picture of a busy street in Africa.

A file called Meteora was also found. A screenshot can be seen below:

Meteora MW3

In case you didn't know, Meteora was leaked as the name of a MW3 map back. Supposedly, it was cut from the game.

A picture of Price was also found in the game files, as were a number of pictures of MW2 guns such as the Intervention and the TAR-21.

What looks to be a texture map of Makarov's face was also found:

makarov texture

What looks to be a bump map from a MW3 character was also found: