Friday, January 20, 2012

MK14 Damage Glitch has been patched

Another day, another glitch patched...

Over the past few weeks, news of a glitch for the MK14 Assault Rifle has been flooding Youtube, Twitter and gaming forums around the Internet. Basically, the glitch in question allows you to use the Damage proficiency on the MK14, which turns the assault rifle into a one shot weapon.

No, I do not how this glitch worked and even if I did, I wouldn't post a tutorial on a blog that sees a lot of MW3-related traffic, lest I add to the problem and increase my chances of ending up in a lobby with a bunch of MK14-glitching douchebags.

Anyway; apparently, this glitch has been recently patched via a hotfix (i.e. it doesn't require you to download a XBOX Live / PSN / Steam update).

On Twitter, IW's community manager Robert Bowling made it clear than anyone that had used the glitch in the past may face the possibility of being banned. Bowling made a similar threat in the past when people used a Prestige Token glitch to give themselves unlimited Prestige Tokens. To be fair to him - he actually followed up on his words by resetting people's stats. Not only did he reset people's stats, but he also added -1000 deaths to their KDR, just to add insult to injury.