Sunday, January 22, 2012

How do I enlist in Clan Operations?

Well, you can't. Not just yet anyway. The COD forums have been thronged with anxious Elite members asking about when Clan Operations will be available to players.

To make matters worse, it is not yet clear when exactly clan operations (and double xp for your clan) will come into effect, as IW, Activision and Beachhead Studios have yet to pinpoint an exact date for their availability.

According to the development team behind Call of Duty Elite, they had to push out a new version of the Elite system this month (January) in order to fix a number of bugs and issues with the website. Unfortunately, this new build did not include Clan Operations. Instead, the feature will be released sometime AFTER January 2012. Obviously, this vague release date has frustrated a lot of COD players, as they were expecting this system to be 100% when MW3 was released back in November.

Speaking about the clan operations feature, a Beachhead Studios developer painted the picture of an extremely complex system that needed to be tested and ready for "the real world" before it could be pushed out.