Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dead Man's Hand Glitch

Once again, we're faced with an annoying glitch that could ruin the game for others. As if Dead Man's Hand wasn't already bad enough, it seems as if somebody has figured out a way to throw the C4 while they're lying on their back.

Once the C4 is thrown, a frag grenade indicator shows up on the screen and points towards the C4 in question. Obviously; this is a bug in the game that needs some attention from Infinity Ward.

Basically, it works like this:

If you're holding the "throw" button WHILE you receive damage and fall into Dead Man's Hand, whatever you were about to throw becomes a piece of C4 that can be tossed at the enemy. As you probably already know, the blast radius on Dead Man's Hand is pretty large, so this glitch might make it even more difficult to get away from the guys using it as a death streak.

This needs to be fixed asap, lest it happens to me in-game and I end up throwing my console out a window.

Press the tweet button below to tweet this and add @fourzerotwo. Hopefully, this can be fixed via a hot-fix.