Thursday, July 12, 2012

Buttons in clantag AFTER patch

It looks as if the "buttons in clantag" epidemic that first plagued MW3 after it's release is back, even though the glitch was reportedly patched by Infinity Ward.


The fact that all of this is happening after the initial patch will surely piss people off.

If reports are true, this is happening on both the XBox 360 and the PS3.

How are they doing this?

This time, the hack/glitch isn't achieved via entering special characters into the clantag. Instead, the user downloads an external file gpd file that is injected into the user's XBox profile. My guess is that a similar route is taken on the PS3. My advice is not to try and do this as IW will ban anyone that is found to have buttons in their clantag. Is having an X or an O in your clantag really worth being banned? Also, the fact that an external hack is involved means that you are at risk of being banned by XBox Live, as it clearly breaches their terms of service.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

When will Terminal be released for PS3?

UPDATE: Terminal is coming to PS3 Elite members on August the 14th. It will be available to all regular PS3 members on the 15th of August.

Terminal, a popular map from MW2, will be released for MW3 (XBox) on the 17th of July. I'm sure that MW3 players will be happy to hear that the map pack will be completely free for everyone.

On the 17th, the map will be released for Elite subscribers on the XBox 360. On the 18th, it will be released for non-Elite subscribers.

Terminal MW3

From what I've seen so far, the map will have a few minor cosmetic changes. For instance, the bookstore seems to have been turned into some sort of electronics store.

The question now is: When will Terminal be released for PS3 and PC? Does the deal that Microsoft have with Activision affect free DLC? My guess is that the PS3 and PC will get it at the end of July or in mid-August.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sniper Only Playlist

Last week, CandySlexia from IW setup a poll and asked the community what kind of playlist they would like to see introduced to MW3. The options that were provided:

  • Hardcore Ground War
  • Knife Only
  • 3rd Person
  • Snipers Only / No Snipers
  • Shotguns Only / No Shotguns
  • Hardcore CTF (Capture the flag)
  • MLG Rules
  • Assassin, Support Streak, Deathstreak, Blind Eye Free
  • Barebones FFA

As the time of posting, the Snipers Only playlist / No Snipers playlist was in the lead with 39% of the vote. In second place, the MLG Rules playlist had 32% of the vote. If things remain the same, it looks as if two new playlists will be introduced to MW3. One will only allow sniper rifles. The other will not allow snipers.

If MLG manages to win, there will be a public playlist that will force players to abide by competitive rules (no killstreaks, respawn delays, OP weapons banned, Claymores banned etc).

Monday, June 25, 2012

Face Off Trolling

Here is some Face Off Trolling (MW3's new game mode). In this case, it's 3v3, and they use Riot Shields and Akimbo FMGs.

Black Ops 2 multiplayer leaks

Looking for Black Ops 2 multiplayer information? Here is a list of Black Ops 2 Weapons that were supposedly leaked a while back. 

Other multiplayer "leaks":

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Terminal coming to MW3 as free DLC

A lot of people have been seeing the error "Terminal disabled! **Gamertag** does not have the map pack." on their lobby dashboard since June's DLC was released for the Face Off game modes on the XBox 360. This immediately led to rumors that Terminal would be released for MW3. These rumors finally led to an official statement from Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin, who tweeted:
@NeptuneAssassin Terminal? it's a tech issue with delivery but yes it will be free.

So there you go. Terminal WILL be released for MW3 and it will be free for everyone to download.

Monday, June 4, 2012

How to annoy people on MW3

In this series, WayneWexford teaches you how to annoy people on Search and Destroy on MW3:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Double XP for Premium Members

It looks like Elite Premium Members might be getting more of their money's worth. While Double XP goes live across all playlists on MW3 today; Elite premium subscribers will be getting Double XP up until the 14th of June. This Double XP will be available in the elite playlist and it will continue for THREE WEEKS. That's a lot of prestiging! Looks like IW are trying to entice people to continue on playing Modern Warfare 3.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Candice Capen is new Community Coordinator for Infinity Ward

Candice Capen, who was previously known to Call of Duty fans as Bancandy, has been given the Community Coordinator role in Infinity Ward. Note that this is not the same role as Community Manager, which Robert Bowling held before he resigned from the company.

Up until the announcement, Candice was known as Bancandy, an IW developer who reviewed reports of boosting and hacking on the PC and banned those involved (hence the name). Capen's Twitter can be found at: @candyslexia

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Roof on Oasis

Apparently, you can get up onto the roof on Oasis. Not sure if this is a glitch or a feature (like on Highrise). Apparently, if you jump up onto the railing, you can climb across and get up onto the roof. If it's a glitch, this will probably be patched pretty quickly.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Here are the details about the MW3 DLC for May:

There will be 3 multiplayer maps in the May DLC. These are:
  • Sanctuary: This is monastery that is located on top a mountain in Greece. Includes a graveyard that plays ghost voices.
  • Foundation: This map is basically a large foundary / construction site.
  • Oasis: Situated on the coast line of United Emirates.
There will be two new Special Ops Missions. These will be called "Iron Clad" and "Kill Switch". Then, you have four new maps for a brand new game mode called "Face Off". Face Off will be a game mode that allows 1v1 and 2v2 match-ups. The maps (which will be much smaller than your typical COD maps) will be called "Getaway", "Lookout", "Erosion" and "Aground".

There are also rumors that Terminal (a classic map from MW2) will be made available for the May DLC. Some people believe that classic maps will be available for download for free (Robert Bowling said that he wanted DLC content to be separated from classic maps).

When will PS3 and PC be getting the May DLC for MW3?
This question is often asked. Usually, it works like this: First, XBox Elite subscribers will get the map first. Then, PS3 Elite subscribers will get it. Then, regular players on the XBox will get it. After that, regular players on PS3 and PC will get it. This is because of an ongoing deal between Microsoft (who own the 360) and Activision.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Terminal as map pack for MW3?

EDIT: It is now official. Terminal will be a free DLC for MW3.

It looks as if Terminal is set to return as a classic map pack in MW3 this May. After a patch was released for MW3 on the PC, Reddit user DainBramage77 decided to look through the files that were included in it. Inside the patch file, he found a bunch of files that were named after current maps such as Foundary and Sanctuary. However, he also came across a number of files that were named after the map Terminal. These were:

  • preview_mp_terminal_cls_vote.iwi
  • preview_mp_terminal_cls_lobby.iwi
  • preview_mp_terminal_cls.iwi

After Reddit user called DsmvwldCmmntr was then able to convert one the files, which showed the loading screen for the map Terminal:

Terminal MW3 returning

The question now is: Will Terminal be free? Before Robert Bowling left Infinity Ward, he said that he wanted classic map packs to be free and separate from the regular DLC content. Time will only tell!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Quadrotor to appear as killstreak in Black Ops 2

It looks as if the Quadrotor will appear as a killstreak in Black Ops 2. The blurry teaser image that was posted on the official Call of Duty website was edited and photoshopped by a number of people, who managed to "brighten" the image. This is a remote-controlled flying drone that can fire an SMG. Read more about the Quadrotor in Black Ops.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Black Ops 2 Weapons leaked

Apparently, a source has leaked a number of details about Black Ops 2, including the weapon list. Apparently, guns like the Dragunov and the Spas-12 will be returning.

Black Ops 2 guns list

Friday, April 13, 2012

COD Elite Hacked - White nationalist video placed in staff picks

An embarrassing moment for Infinity Ward and Beachhead Studios. Apparently, a white nationalist video showing "Aryan content" has managed to make it's way onto the staff picks section of Call of Duty Elite.

Three possibilities:

  1. One of the the IW / Beachhead Studio employees had their account hacked and the hacker in question decided to rub it in their faces by posting a video on Elite that was sure to get people's attention.
  2. When picking a video for their "staff picks" section, one of the employees messed up when copying and pasting a Youtube URL. For all we know, the left out a character at the end of their link or something.
  3. For whatever reason, the staff member who posted this had previously copied and pasted a link to the video in question and didn't realize that it was still on their clipboard.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ghost voices on Sanctuary

Whenever a player happens to wander into the cemetery on Sanctuary, a number of ghost voices can be heard at certain points on the map:

These voices say things like:

  1. "Don't get too close to the road sweetie!"
  2. "Sarah, don't go too far!"
  3. "Look at me Daddy!"
  4. Girl's laughter

Each part of the cemetery in Sanctuary will trigger a different ghost voice.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Woman's Voice on Sanctuary

On the map Sanctuary, a Reddit user called Perksizer discovered a woman's ghost voice being played. This isn't a fake, as Infinity Ward developer BanCandy actually replied to the post and let everyone know that she knew what the woman was saying. She didn't tell anyone though, stating she wanted to hear what everyone's guesses were first (I'll update this post if she lets everyone know what she was saying).

What do you think the woman on Sanctuary is saying?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Foundation gameplay - DLC

Here's some gameplay on the new MW3 map pack Foundation. Looks a bit like Quarry in MW2. Anyway, both Foundation and Sanctuary were released today for XBox COD Elite premium subscribers!

Is whiteboy7thst the new community manager?

Rumors swept the Internet last night after Whiteboy7thst, a Youtuber that make's Call of Duty content, insinuated that he may become the new community manager for Infinity Ward.

whiteboy7thst made a number of tweets that alluded to him getting the position:
I'm talking to a few "friends" tomorrow. I want to bring up dead Mans hand, fmg'9s, final stand, spawns, and lagcomp. Am I missing anything?
@Whiteboy7thst So I guess the campaign for #Whiteboy4CM worked!!

While this might be good for him and his subscribers, there are a large amount of people that are very unhappy about the prospect of him becoming community manager.

  • He came under criticism last year after he intentionally miscategorized his gaming videos in order to get more views/money.
  • He was also criticized for taking part in the bumping scandal on Youtube. Basically,  Whiteboy7thst and a few of the other big Youtubers figured out a way to bump their videos back up to the top of the sub box. This led to a lot more views, which led to them making more money. The term "greedy" was thrown around a lot.
  • Whiteboy7thst was also criticized for his giveaway videos as many people saw the strategy as exploitative and greedy. In these videos, he promised to give prizes away to random users that commented in the comment section, but ONLY if they favorited the video in question and subscribed to him. Even though he received a lot of criticism for this, Whiteboy7thst ignored everyone and continued on doing it. This left a very sour taste in everyone's mouth.

If Whiteboy7thst becomes the new community manager, there is going to be a lot of unhappy Call of Duty players out there.

Monday, April 9, 2012

PS3 players to get first DLC pack this month

If you're a PS3 player that doesn't have a COD Elite premium subscription, then you might be feeling a little hard done by. Unfortunately, Microsoft have an existing deal with Activision, which means that XBox Live always tends to get the Call of Duty map packs before PS3 players do.

This month, on the 14th of April (4 days time), regular PS3 / PC players will get access to the first MW3 DLC pack, which includes map packs such as Liberation, Overwatch and Piazza, alongside some new Spec Ops missions.

In case you didn't already know, the next MW3 map pack will include maps called Sanctuary and Foundation.

New Map Pack DLC for April announced - Sanctuary and Foundation

The newest DLC for April has been announced in the form of two new map packs. These maps are called Sanctuary and Foundation.

This was announced by the Call of Duty Elite twitter team (if you remember, Robert Bowling resigned from from IW last month.)

Anyway, this specific map pack will be available to XBox Live COD Elite premium subscribers tomorrow, according to the Twitter update.

Sanctuary MW3

Judging by the screenshot above, Sanctuary seems to be a map that is based around a church or a monastery. Foundation sounds like it might have something to do with "metal works" or a construction site. Here's a screenshot of the Foundation map:

Foundation MW3

If you're a PS3 player, the first DLC drop for you will occur on the 14th of April, which is in 4 days time.

For your viewing entertainment, here's some knifing in gun game reactions (WARNING: BAD LANGUAGE)

Black Ops 2 logo leaked

Looks like the Black Ops 2 logo might have been leaked. It's posted over on the Black Ops 2 blog. It is that time of the year when Treyarch are due to release a teaser/trailer video, so we won't have long to find out whether this leak is a fake or not.

Check out the leaked logo.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why is the class on AOE/All or nothing called BoxOfDemons?

I've heard a few people ask this question in-game. Basically, BoxOfDemons is the XBox Live gamertag of the guy who actually created the MW3 FFA Gun Game mode called All of Nothing (abbreviated to AOE). BoxOfDemons created the game mode for a private match and uploaded a video of it to's MW3 section. My guess is that somebody from IW saw that video on Reddit (both Bancandy and Robert Bowling have been known to look at that particular section of Reddit). That; or it just became a popular game mode in private matches and Infinity Ward picked up on it.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flying glitch - Hacked lobbies

Lately, there has been an outbreak of hacked / modded lobbies where players end up flying off into the air. After witnessing this first hand, I can give some details on what happens in this kind of hacked lobby:

When you shoot somebody and your bullets hit, you will get hitmarkers and it will look as if they disappeared. This isn't the case. In these kind of hacked lobbies, shooting somebody actually sends them flying back at a very fast speed. So fast that you don't even realize it at first.

If the player you just shot is close to a wall etc, he or she will fly and smash against it (but take no extra damage). If the player isn't beside a wall, he or she will most likely fly backwards and then float / fly up into the sky.

Sometimes, players fly up into the sky and stay on top of the map. However, sometimes (like in my case), the player flies up and then floats outside of the map, until they fall beneath it. After you fall beneath the map in MW3, you are met with nothing but darkness. At this stage, you have to either wait the game out or quit. Below is a video of the hacked lobby I ended up in:

What do I do if I end up in a hacked lobby?

If you've landed in a hacked lobby, you should immediately power off your console. DO NOT leave the game. Simply hit the power button on your console or hit the dashboard button. Some hacked lobbies will mess with your stats. I've witnessed people getting -1000000 deaths added to their stats. I've also seen guys have their XP taken away from them, which means that they were sent all the way back to Level 1. If you stay during the game or if you press "Leave Game", anything that happened to your stats will be recorded. However, if you power your console off or dashboard, the game won't save your stats. Be careful, as there are a number of modded / hacked lobbies on MW3 at the moment.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gun Game added to MW3

IW have announced that they are adding a game mode called FFA Gunplay to the Community playlist, alongside Infection and Dropzone.

FFA Gunplay will include four variations:

Gun Game

Like in Black Ops, you will have to progress through 18 different weapons in order to win. This includes 2 sniper rifles.

Second Variation of Gun Game

This game will cycle through six different weapons, three times over. I'm guessing that this will be kind of like sharpshooter.

One in the Chamber

One in the Chamber will also be returning to MW3 as a public game mode. Players will begin with one bullet and a tactical knife. In order to earn another bullet, you must kill another person. That means that if you miss your first shot, you will be left without ammo, forcing you to use your knife. Each person will have 3 lives per round.

Community-created game mode

Everyone spawns with a USP and a tactical knife. Nobody has any ammo. In order to get ammo and use your weapon, you must kill somebody and grab the scavenger pack that they dropped. After you're killed, you respawn with no ammo.

Overwatch map on PS3 keep crashing

According to PS3 players, one of the DLC maps "Overwatch", keeps crashing. According to those that have experienced it, the game will load the map and then crash when 2 or 3 minutes of gameplay have passed.

Other PS3 players have said that their consoles froze and that they received a number of "Lost connection to host" errors (more than what is usual).

One player on the Call of Duty forums wrote:
I played 2 games. First game my ps3 froze, second one I lost the connection to the host. My brother also played Overwatch 5 times. 2 freezes, 3 times lost connection to host.

While a playlist update was pushed today, some have said that it didn't patch or fix the problem. Obviously, IW aren't aware of the problem yet.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Leaked Black Ops 2 multiplayer information

Apparently, information about the Black Ops 2 multiplayer have been leaked on the Internet. Details include a new game mode called Escort and a revamped Perk system. The MOAB will not be returning, nor will Infected. However; Drop Zone and Kill Confirmed will both be returning in the next Black Ops game.

Read more about the Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Leak.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Why did Robert Bowling resign?

The big question on everyone's mind right now is "Why did Robert Bowling resign?"

Theory #1:
Robert Bowling got tired of all the hate that he received from Call of Duty players on Twitter. It eventually got to a point where he could no longer take it.

Personally, I don't think this is the real reason for his resignation. Bowling has been receiving hate for a long time now. It's apart of the job description, unfortunately. For years, he has served as the community manager / creative strategist for Infinity Ward and I'm pretty sure that he had (or grew) the thick skin that was needed in order to deal with the daily insults (and sometimes, even threats). Then again - maybe I'm completely wrong. Maybe it did reach a breaking point for him. Or maybe he just got tired of all of the negativity.

Theory #2:
Robert Bowling left Infinity Ward to join Respawn Entertainment.

This doesn't seem likely. As soon as he announced his resignation, a lot of people assumed that Bowling would be joining Respawn Entertainment. In case you didn't already know, Respawn is a company made up of ex-Infinity Ward Developers/Designers. In 2010, two of the lead heads of Infinity Ward were fired by Activision. After they were fired, a lot of the developers at Infinity Ward resigned and followed them to form a new company called Respawn Entertainment.

The reason this looks unlikely is because Respawn announced that they still had their own community manager and that people should ask Robert Bowling (and not them) where he was going.

Theory #3:
Robert Bowling was fired by Activision or forced to resign.

Stranger things have happened. I mean; Activision did fire Vince Zampella and Jason West, who were two of the original founders of Infinity Ward.

So far - there's absolutely no evidence of this being the case.

Theory #4:
Bowling left because he didn't have full creative control over where the series was heading.

This sounds plausible. Maybe he disagreed with Activision over a key part of the series and decided to call it a day? Maybe he felt as if Call of Duty was heading in a direction that he didn't like? Maybe Activision (or somebody else) overstepped a decision of his or denied him an important request?

Theory #5:
Robert Bowling resigned because he fell out with other employees at Infinity Ward.

Again; there's no evidence of this being the reason behind Robert Bowling resigning. However; these kind of things do happen, even at large companies like Activision. Maybe some sort of internal conflict took place and Bowling decided to leave? Maybe company culture (or lack of) was behind his decision? Maybe he just couldn't stand the atmosphere?

Theory #6:
Robert Bowling left to pursue other projects.

This sounds like a very likely explanation. Bowling has been known for having several side projects. Maybe he has decided to embark on a new venture?

Still just a theory, however.

Robert Bowling resigns

Infinity Ward's creative strategist / community manager has resigned today. Robert Bowling, aka Fourzerotwo announced his resignation on Twitter:
Today, I resign from my position as Creative Strategist of Call of Duty, as a lead of Infinity Ward, and as an employee of Activision.

This means that Robert Bowling no longer works for Infinity Ward or Activision as he has resigned from his position. This follows last year's spectacle, when a vast majority of the developers behind Call of Duty left Infinity Ward after two of its founders were fired by Activision. Those developers went on to form Respawn Entertainment, which is a gaming company under EA.

Infinity Ward's twitter account also reacted to Bowling's resignation:
We wish Robert all the best. Thanks for everything. For continued MW updates & all things IW follow @infinityward.

Respawn Entertainment were also quick to make a statement:
For all those asking, @abbieheppe is still our Community Manager. You'll have to ask @fourzerotwo where he's headed next.

The question is: Why did Robert Bowling resign? Did he become tired of the harassment he faced on Twitter? Did Activision fire him? Did he dislike something that Activision did? Or did he simply just want to move on to other things?

Bullets send players flying glitch

A Reddit user called trunksbomb joined a Team Deatmatch game on Carbon, only to find out that receiving damage from bullets would send you flying off into the air. Now obviously, this is one of the hacked / modded public lobbies that we've been hearing about over the past few weeks or so. Seeing is believing, and it looks as if hackers / modders have managed to bypass MW3's security and create public modded lobbies. In this match, trunksbomb said that after players were hit by bullets, they'd fly off into the air, sometimes landing outside of the map and being transported to the top of it. This obviously a serious situation for IW, who are no doubt trying to figure out the security flaw that allowed these type of modded public lobbies to exist.

EDIT: A few days later, I landed in a hacked MW3 lobby. I ended up flying up into the air and outside of the map:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hacked / Modded lobbies in MW3

Yesterday, the community manager for MW3 (Robert Bowling) warned players not to accept random game invites from people they don't know. Apparently, hacked/modded lobbies / challenge lobbies have made their way onto MW3. In case you didn't already know, a hacked lobby or a challenge lobby can mess around with your stats. For example; some lobbies will rank you up to 15th prestige automatically, whereas other lobbies will actually take away all of your stats. On Twitter, Bowling said:
Do not accept game invites or join Private Matches from any player you don't know & trust in #MW3. There are dirtbags up to dirtbag things.

It has been said that Infinity Ward are working behind the scenes to fix these hacked lobbies and restore anyone that has been affected by them back to their real rank.

Apparently, these lobbies have been happening on both the PS3 and the XBox 360. One PS3 player said that his friends asked him to join a lobby that would give him quad XP. However, he refused to join, fearing that somebody would hack his stats or derank him.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Gamebreaking AC-130 glitch found on MW3 - Blackbox

This doesn't look good. On a game on Blackbox (one of the new MW3 maps), a player manages to fire AC-130 bullets / rockets from his actual character by using some sort of glitch that he discovered. He was also able to fly up onto the top of one of the buildings on the map so that he could shoot unlimited AC-130 bullets. This makes me wonder. Is it a glitch in the game or has somebody managed to hack MW3?

Double XP now live on MW3

Double XP is now live for Modern Warfare 3 on all platforms. In case you didn't already know, Double XP does exactly what it says on the tin. If you get 900 points in a game, 1800 points will be added to your XP.

To make use of Double XP this weekend, you might want to give game modes such as Infection and Kill Confirmed a try. You might also want to pay close attention to what type of challenges you can complete in order to earn some extra XP and rank up.

What time does Double XP on MW3 start?

It started at:

* 2AM PST (US)
* 5AM EST (US)
* 9AM in UK / Ireland

Monday, February 27, 2012

Banned for boosting - Bancandy

In case you didn't already know, an IW developer called Bancandy has spent the last few weeks reviewing player-submitted footage of boosters in MW3. After reviewing submitted videos, Bandcandy takes action and bans those involved. They guilty are also given a stat reset. Sometimes, the stat reset involves being given 0 kills and 1000 deaths. After being banned, boosters will often find that their in-game emblem has been reset to the Infinity Ward logo, which basically adds insult to injury. In the video below; one such booster received a ban after video footage of him boosting was submitted to Bancandy:

If you wish to report boosters on MW3, be sure to record Theater footage of them in the act and send it to Bancandy on the Call of Duty forums.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Clan Ops go live tomorrow

It seems as if Clan Operations will be going live tomorrow on COD Elite. According to the Call of Duty Elite Twitter page, the community's most anticipated feature will be available from tomorrow onward. In case you didn't already know - a number of technical issues with the website resulted in Clan Ops being held back for a couple of months. Apparently, the developers had to fix a number of underlying problems before the feature could be launched.

Speaking on Twitter, the COD Elite team said:
New ELITE functionality is almost here. Tomorrow, your most anticipated feature goes fully operational. Stay tuned.

It is pretty clear what this anticipated feature is.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Overwatch gameplay

Here is a teaser of some gameplay on the new MW3 map: Overwatch. It kind of looks like a cross between Hardhat and Highrise from MW2. Overwatch will be released this month as a map pack for XBox Live Elite subscribers.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Will Gun Game be made public on MW3?

In case you didn't already know, Gun Game was a popular game mode in Black Ops. Players started off on a weapon and had to progress through 20 different weapons in order to win the game. To progress past a weapon, you needed to kill somebody with it.

Anyway, since release; Gun Game has existed in MW3 as a private game mode. However, so did Drop Zone and Infected; and since then - both of those game types have made their way onto the Community playlist (which allows them to be played via public matchmaking). On Twitter, Robert Bowling said that adding Gun Game to the community playlist was a future option that they would be looking at. He also said that they added Drop Zone and Infection to the Community playlist based on the number of people that played them in private games. Unfortunately, that put Gun Game at a major disadvantage. Of course gamers were going to play Infected and Drop Zone because of how new and novel they were, whereas Gun Game had been out for an entire year.

Hopefully, Gun Game will be made public in MW3 in the next update.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Claymore glitch - Infected - Friendly fire

Over the past day or so, videos have begun to surface on Youtube showing players on Infected killing their own team mates with claymores. Obviously, this is a glitch that will probably be patched as soon as it becomes a more common "trolling device".

Basically, if you set down a claymore and shoot it while it's facing towards you, the blast will kill you and any team mates that are located behind you. This only seems to work if the blast kills you as well. There have been instances where players have been able to wipe out five or six of their own team mates in one blast. I'm not sure if this glitch is present on other game modes. However, in Infected, team mates often huddle up together in small corners, which means that the possibility of trolling people with this glitch is endless.

My guess is that this will be patched pretty quickly once IW get wind of it becoming a major problem. Until then, be wary of your own teammates ;)

In case you didn't already know, Infected is a new game made that was added to the community playlist last week. It's crazy and hectic, to say the least:

New prestige levels coming to XBox / PS3

The PC community was shocked yesterday when they realized that a number of new prestige levels had been added to MW3. For the moment, four hundred new ranks and five new prestige levels have been added to the game on PC.

Speaking on Twitter, the Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling announced that it was indeed official and that the new prestige levels would also be added to the XBox 360 and the PS3 in the upcoming future. Bowling Tweeted:
Added 400 new ranks of 5 new Prestige levels in Modern Warfare 3 on PC in latest patch. Expect the same on consoles soon for everyone! #MW3

While have some have welcomed the new levels, others have complained about the fact that they will have to continue to grind their way through five more prestiges in order to reach the top prestige level. The new icons for these can be seen below:

New prestige level icons

Many believe that these were added because of the fact that clan operations have not been implemented yet via COD Elite. Apparently, these clan operations rely on the fact that you are leveling up in rank.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Infected updates

A number of changes have been made to the Infection game mode (which can be found under the Community Playlist).

  1. The throwing knife is back. My guess is that it was too difficult for infected players to get at survivors hiding on top of glitch areas. Approaching the balcony on Dome without a throwing knife was extremely frustrating to say the least, especially if the guys on top of it were rocking the PP90m1.
  2. The RSASS sniper rifle is a new addition to the playlist. With this sniper rifle, you also get akimbo secondary handguns.
  3. The 50. Cal sniper rifle is also on the playlist. Unfortunately, you don't get a secondary weapon with it, so surviving can be difficult on close-quarters maps such as Hardhat.
  4. The AA-12 shotgun is now on the Infected playlist. Problem is; you don't get extended mags and your ammo is extremely low to start off with (16 shells overall w/ 8 per clip). You'll quickly run out of ammo if you're charged my multiple infected players. The only consolation is the fact that you get the Specialist Strike package with it. This means that you'll earn perks as you get more kills.
  5. The Striker class now comes equipped with the Specialist Package. To make things even better, you start off with Hardline as a perk, so earning the first perk on your package (Sleight of Hand) only takes one kill. This is one of the better classes. 
  6. The PP90m1 also comes equipped with the Specialist Package on Infected. This makes both the Striker and the PP90m1 classes extremely powerful. Both classes also have extended mags on by default.
  7. A number of glitches have been patched. If you get into these areas, the game will automatically kill you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Infected glitch spots patched

A few days ago, Infected was added to the Community playlist and Dropzone was taken out. Since then, Infected has been a pretty popular game mode. Unfortunately, there were a few things were pretty annoying about Infected:

  • A lot of players spent the game trying to get up onto glitch areas in the map. This was annoying because if you were infected, there was no way you'd be able get at them unless you had a throwing knife. If a player standing on top of a glitch area had a striker or dual magnums, it would be close to impossible to get close enough in order to knife them.
  • Games ended after three minutes. At the beginning, the timer didn't really matter. However, as player's strategies evolved and players figured out ways to prolong their survival, this short time span became a problem.
  • You were only given two choice of loudouts. A striker or dual magnums. This became boring after a while.
Today, on Twitter, IW's community manager Robert Bowling announced that a lot of these issues had been dealt with and hotfixed (no need to download an update).

Firstly; a number of the glitches have been fixed. Now, if a player enters any of the areas listed below, they will be insta-killed by the game:
  • The ledge in Lockdown overlooking domination flag B. This window ledge is located in the corridor of the main building.
  • The lamp post in Fallen, which is at the back of the map. Players could jump from the railings over onto the top of the lamp post.
  • Bakaara helicopter rotor (bottom side). This is situated in the middle of the map.
  • Resistance telephone box / railing jump. This is at the end of the long alley by domination flag B.
  • The boxes in Hardhat. Players used to jump up onto these.
There are still a lot of glitch areas to be fixed. For example, the metal shed on Mission is still frequently used by almost everyone. You can still jump on top of the van in Resistance.

Fourzerotwo also mentioned that they had added the RSASS and the PP90M1 as weapons. They've taken out the dual magnums because I'm guessing that they were considered too weak (it would impossible to survive the infected for 10 minutes with those).

Another thing they've done is taken out the throwing knife. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Yes, it was difficult to survive the infected when they were launching hundreds of throwing knives at you. However, throwing knives are the only real counter to people using glitch areas in Infected.

Here are some of the crazy things you'll see on infected:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Robert Bowling is literally Hitler

Robert Bowling, the community manager over at Infinity Ward (the guys who made MW3) - is literally Hitler.

Here are some real photos of him with Osama bin Laden and Kim Jong-il.

He even burned down an orphanage.

Check out Bowling is Literally Hitler

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dead Man's Hand Glitch

Once again, we're faced with an annoying glitch that could ruin the game for others. As if Dead Man's Hand wasn't already bad enough, it seems as if somebody has figured out a way to throw the C4 while they're lying on their back.

Once the C4 is thrown, a frag grenade indicator shows up on the screen and points towards the C4 in question. Obviously; this is a bug in the game that needs some attention from Infinity Ward.

Basically, it works like this:

If you're holding the "throw" button WHILE you receive damage and fall into Dead Man's Hand, whatever you were about to throw becomes a piece of C4 that can be tossed at the enemy. As you probably already know, the blast radius on Dead Man's Hand is pretty large, so this glitch might make it even more difficult to get away from the guys using it as a death streak.

This needs to be fixed asap, lest it happens to me in-game and I end up throwing my console out a window.

Press the tweet button below to tweet this and add @fourzerotwo. Hopefully, this can be fixed via a hot-fix.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boosters on MW3

Here is some booster justice from MW3.

Striker nerfed - other shotguns buffed

According to Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling, the Striker in MW3 has been nerfed (at least by a little), whereas all of the other shotguns have been buffed because of the general consensus that they were a little bit too weak in the past.

Fourzerotwo broke news of the Striker nerf on Twitter:
Updated #MW3 today; you'll notice improved lag comp, theater fixes, nerf to Striker, buff to all other shotguns, upload to YouTube faster.

Another thing that will be welcomed by COD fans is the fact that they have applied some fixes to Theater Mode in MW3. Theater Mode had a number of annoying glitches and bugs that made it frustrating to review and edit gameplay.

Since the latest update, it seems as if the USAS 12 and the KSG 12 shotguns now have 9 pellets per shot instead of 6.

When do PS3 players get the MW3 DLC?

Because of Activision's ongoing deal with Microsoft (the company that owns the XBox 360), PS3 / PC players will not get access to the latest piece of DLC until March 2012.

However, PS3 players who have paid for a premium subscription to Call of Duty Elite will get the map pack before XBox players who haven't paid for Elite.

Here's a basic gist of who gets the DLC and in what order:

* XBox 360 players with Elite subscription will get the map pack first.
* PS3 players with Elite subscription will get the map pack second.
* Regular XBox 360 players will get the map pack third.
* Regular PS3 / PC players that have not paid for Elite will get the map pack last.

My guess is that this is how the pecking order in regards to map packs will work from now on.

And for your entertainment:

Liberation Gameplay

Liberation is one of two multiplayer maps found in the first piece of DLC for Modern Warfare 3. This map is based on central park in Manhattan and supposedly, it boasts some wide open areas.

Here is some gameplay / a walkthrough of the map Liberation. A walkthrough is much more informative because it gives you a full view of the map, whereas actual gameplay might not let you see how the map is laid out.

Piazza Gameplay

The first piece of DLC for MW3 has been released today, with Piazza and Liberation being the two downloadable multiplayer maps.

Here is some actual gameplay / walkthrough of the map Piazza, which is based on an Italian coastal village. Walkthroughs like this are much more informative than regular gameplay as they show you the entirety of the map (as opposed to what you'll see via some dude camping in a corner).

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lag compensation in MW3

Ever since the term "lag compensation" became a hot topic within the Call of Duty community, I've noticed that a lot of people have been throwing the phrase around on Youtube, Twitter and other various gaming forums on the Internet where angry Call of Duty players like to congregate and grab one another by the throat. What frustrates me is the fact that most of the people that I've witnessed using the term "lag compensation" have made it perfectly clear that they don't actually understand what the hell it is.

I've often heard people making stupid statements such as "Lag compensation should be removed from MW3!" and "Lag compensation is only there to help out people with crappy connections!" I'll be honest - those people are idiots. Not because they said something that was incorrect or outlandish, but because they haven't taken the time to educate themselves about the thing that they're complaining about.

So let's clear a few things up:

  1. Lag compensation is NOT a new feature. It has been present in MW3, Black Ops, MW2, World at War and even Call of Duty 4.
  2. Taking lag compensation out of a P2P game (host to host) would make it unbearable to play.
  3. Lag compensation is a vital part of modern multiplayer games. It exists in many other games; not just Call of Duty.

Without lag compensation, you would never be able to play in a lobby with a high ping; and if you did, it certainly would not be enjoyable. As the name suggests, lag compensation compensates for lag / high latency. Hell, even under perfect/low ping latency conditions, playing without lag compensation can be a frustrating experience. Why? Because lag compensation attempts to figure out where the enemy was when you pressed the trigger button on your controller. When you fire your weapon, data is sent from your XBox/PS3 to the host. By the time the host machine receives your data and knows that you have fired your weapon in a specific direction, the enemy that you were shooting at will probably be a few steps ahead. Basically, you will have missed your shot even though you were aiming at him when you pressed the button on your controller. In games that have no lag compensation, players are actually forced to fire a few steps ahead of where the enemy is headed. Now imagine that for a second. You see that a foe is sprinting in a certain direction and in order to take him down, you must aim at the spot that you "think" he might be headed.

That would make the game pointless and unbearable to play.

So please; don't complain about lag compensation as if it's some sort of new feature that is there to help those with bad connections. It's also there to help YOU shoot people with bad connections. It is a vital part of P2P multiplayer games and taking it out of the game completely would be catastrophic. If there are problems with lag in MW3, don't blame lag compensation. Blame how MW3's lag compensation is tuned.

How do I enlist in Clan Operations?

Well, you can't. Not just yet anyway. The COD forums have been thronged with anxious Elite members asking about when Clan Operations will be available to players.

To make matters worse, it is not yet clear when exactly clan operations (and double xp for your clan) will come into effect, as IW, Activision and Beachhead Studios have yet to pinpoint an exact date for their availability.

According to the development team behind Call of Duty Elite, they had to push out a new version of the Elite system this month (January) in order to fix a number of bugs and issues with the website. Unfortunately, this new build did not include Clan Operations. Instead, the feature will be released sometime AFTER January 2012. Obviously, this vague release date has frustrated a lot of COD players, as they were expecting this system to be 100% when MW3 was released back in November.

Speaking about the clan operations feature, a Beachhead Studios developer painted the picture of an extremely complex system that needed to be tested and ready for "the real world" before it could be pushed out.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Prestige Token Glitch - Still not patched

The notorious Prestige Token Glitch has still not been patched. This is because the glitch cannot be patched via a hotfix. Instead, the fix requires some changes to MW3's code, which means that we'll have to await the next downloadable patch before the issue has been resolved.

In case you didn't already know, this particular glitch gave players the ability to generate unlimited amounts of prestige tokens, which they could use to unlock classes and weapons that aren't available to people at their level.

No, I do not have a tutorial on how to do the Prestige Token Glitch. If I did, I probably wouldn't post it anyway. Why? Because you're likely to face a stat reset or a ban if you're found using it. And yea, I know what some of you are thinking: "But a stat reset would be great! I'd like to start over again with a clean slate!" Wrong! Those who have been reset have also had their deaths set to -1000. This means that if you get caught using the Prestige Token glitch, you're likely to end up with a horrendous KDR. Worse - you could end up with a stat reset AND a 48-hour ban. Either way, it's just not worth it. Just play the damn game.

MK14 Damage Glitch has been patched

Another day, another glitch patched...

Over the past few weeks, news of a glitch for the MK14 Assault Rifle has been flooding Youtube, Twitter and gaming forums around the Internet. Basically, the glitch in question allows you to use the Damage proficiency on the MK14, which turns the assault rifle into a one shot weapon.

No, I do not how this glitch worked and even if I did, I wouldn't post a tutorial on a blog that sees a lot of MW3-related traffic, lest I add to the problem and increase my chances of ending up in a lobby with a bunch of MK14-glitching douchebags.

Anyway; apparently, this glitch has been recently patched via a hotfix (i.e. it doesn't require you to download a XBOX Live / PSN / Steam update).

On Twitter, IW's community manager Robert Bowling made it clear than anyone that had used the glitch in the past may face the possibility of being banned. Bowling made a similar threat in the past when people used a Prestige Token glitch to give themselves unlimited Prestige Tokens. To be fair to him - he actually followed up on his words by resetting people's stats. Not only did he reset people's stats, but he also added -1000 deaths to their KDR, just to add insult to injury.

Dome is MW3's most popular map.

According to FourZeroTwo, Dome is the most played / voted for multiplayer map on Modern Warfare 3.

After a random Twitter user told Bowling that Dome was the worst map in the entire game, the IW community manager replied with:

@BabyWhypes WHA?! Statistically speaking, DOME is the most played and most voted for map in #MW3. I personally prefer bigger maps.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Booster Justice - MW3

Boosters are cheaters that basically ruin the game for other players. Click here to watch Booster Busting MW3. Watching boosters receive justice is always fun.

Boosters team up with one another in FFA and trade headshots with one another. They use tactical insertions to hide and remain in one secluded spot on the map. While they aren't as common as they were in MW2, they are still an occurrence in MW3.

Booster Busting MW3

Liberation and Piazza apart of MW3 DLC - January 24th Map Pack

On the 24th of January, XBox Live COD Elite subscribers will get access to the first piece of DLC for MW3. Two of the maps have been named as:

Piazza takes place on the coast of Italy. Piazza is described as being a chaotic vertical route map. This map has been designed to appease those who like close-quarters run-and-gun combat.

Liberation is a map situated in Manhattan, New York. Described as having fountains and castles, Liberation will supposedly have a lot of sight lines for snipers, which means that SMG and Assault Rifle users may have to adjust their play. It also boasts a rail gun (like the ones seen in Wasteland on MW2).

Is the next Call of Duty game called Iron Wolf?

It is rumored that the next COD game will be called Iron Wolf. Will this be the case?

Check out the article about it:

Will Iron Wolf be the name of the next Call of Duty game?

There's a screenshot in there as well.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unreleased maps found in MW3 game files.

A Reddit user by the username of Furyhunter discovered unreleased maps in the MW3 game files this week.

The under-developed multiplayer map, named mp_coast was last touched by IW in February 2011. As you can, it wasn't exactly finished.


More interesting things were also found in the game files. Here is what looks to be the original design of Arkaden. Judging from this shot, it looks as if Arkaden was redesigned somewhere along the line:

arkaden original

Loading screens from both mp_strike and mp_crossfire also found in the game files. Does this mean that we should expect to see Strike and Crossfire from COD 4 in some future MW3 map packs?

The loading screen from a multiplayer map called mp_warlord was also found. The loading screen was simply a real-life picture of a busy street in Africa.

A file called Meteora was also found. A screenshot can be seen below:

Meteora MW3

In case you didn't know, Meteora was leaked as the name of a MW3 map back. Supposedly, it was cut from the game.

A picture of Price was also found in the game files, as were a number of pictures of MW2 guns such as the Intervention and the TAR-21.

What looks to be a texture map of Makarov's face was also found:

makarov texture

What looks to be a bump map from a MW3 character was also found:

MW3 - First Map Pack DLC details

On the 24th of January, 2012, the first piece of DLC for Modern Warfare 3 will be released. At first, it will only be available to XBox Live Call of Duty Elite subscribers (those who paid for the Call of Duty Elite subscription - i.e. premium members). Call of Duty map packs are always released on the XBox 360 before other platforms such as the PS3 and PC because Microsoft and Activision have an ongoing-deal.

The DLC will contain:

  • New multiplayer maps.
  • New multiplater game modes (this is something new that we haven't seen in previous Call of Duty DLC).
  • New Spec Op missions.

According to Robert Bowling at Infinity Ward, the team are looking to deliver more value with their DLCs by adding new multiplayer game modes and Spec Op missions, instead of just the regular addition of new maps.

Below is a screenshot of one of the new multiplayer maps that will feature in the new MW3 DLC. The map below has been simply referred to as "Park".


In case you didn't know, "Park" was included as the name of a new map in a supposed leak of the new DLC. Other map names included in that leak were Cement, Italy, Morningwood and Overwatch. Overwatch was the name of a Spec Ops mission in Modern Warfare 2.

I don't know about you, but I personally want to see Terminal be included in some MW3 DLC!