Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Next MW3 patch / update

New updates and patches are on the way, according to Infinity Ward.

The next update will make a better attempt to fix/address multiplayer lag. The melee jump, which is a glitch that allows the player to hurl themselves into the air will also be fixed. This jump allowed them to jump outside maps. They will also be removing buttons from clan tags on the XBox 360. At the moment, if a player enters particular codes into their clantag, images of XBox 360 buttons will appear. This update will also attempt to improve the logic of host migration. Maybe the host migration system has been choosing bad hosts? The issue of stats loss is the final thing to be addressed in the next patch / update. At the moment, if a player dashboards, he or she runs the risk of losing all of his/her stats. This was obviously not intended.

After the next update, a few hot fixes will be made/discussed:

- The Dual / Akimbo FMGs will be re-balanced. i.e nerfed.

- The Type 95 will also be re-balanced / nerfed.

- The underbarrel glitch on the CM-901 will be fixed. In case you didn't know, putting a shotgun or a grenade launcher on the CM-901 as your only attachment raised the rate of fire of the gun. That's a bad thing because the CM-901 is pretty powerful in terms of damage.

- The hitmarker sound on the PS3 will also be fixed.

They are also discussing future updates at the moment.

- The spawn system is being discussed. Many users have complained about the spawns in MW3.
- Lag compensation / Host advantage issues will be tweaked even further. They will also be making changes to the system so that they can hotfix these issues in the future and not have to rely on updates / patches.