Friday, October 21, 2011

Assassin users can be tagged by those using the Recon Perk

After the MW3 Perks were announced, many people felt uneasy at the prospect of Assassin becoming the new Ghost perk.

In case you didn't already know, the Assassin perk is a Slot Two perk, which does the following:
  • Regular: Immune to UAVs, Heartbeat sensors, Portable Radar and Thermal.
  • Pro Version: Immune to the Counter UAV and the EMP

As you can see, Infinity Ward have basically split up the Cold Blooded class. Assassin will not save you from killstreaks like Cold Blooded/Ghost did in the past.

To help balance out the game a bit more, the Recon perk will allow players to "tag" Assassin users so that they appear on the minimap. The Recon perk works like so:
  • Regular: When you cause damage to an enemy player with explosives, that player will be highlighted on the minimap.
  • Pro Version: When you cause damage to an enemy player by shooting them, that player will appear on the minimap so that your team mates can see them too.

Recon is a First-Tier perk.