Friday, September 2, 2011

MW3 multiplayer teaser trailer details

The MW3 multiplayer teaser was leaked before the official video was uploaded. Here are a number of notable scenes.

Kill Confirm3d

The above screenshot shows a number of interesting things:

  1. A new game mode called Kill Confirm3d (kill confirmed) will feature in Modern Warfare 3.
  2. The M4 is a primary weapon in MW3.
  3. A new feature called "Proficiency" has been introduced. We're still not sure what a "Proficiency" is. However, in this case, the player has "Kick" equipped as a Proficiency.
  4. You can choose two pieces of equipment in MW3. In this case, the player has equipped both the Flash bang and the Frag grenade.
  5. The grenade launcher or "noobtube" is equipped as a Secondary weapon. Will this mean that Primary Weapons won't have grenade launchers as attachments?

Kill confirmed MW3

Here, we're shown what perks and killstreaks the player has equipped. In this case:

  • The player has chosen a Strike Package called "Assault".
  • The UAV is returning in MW3 - it's chosen as a 3 killstreak.
  • A new killstreak called the AH-6 Overwatch is chosen as a 9 killstreak.
  • Juggernaut is a 15-kill killstreak.
  • For his first perk, the player has chosen Recon.
  • For his second perk, the player has chosen Quickdraw, which will work like Sleight of Hand Pro.
  • For his third perk, the player has chosen Stalker.
  • We can also see that there is some integration with COD Elite. This means that the clans you setup in COD Elite will be shown in the game.
  • To get an overview of the perks and what they do, visit our MW3 perks page.
EMP Grenade

In the screenshot, we can see that Capture the Flag will be returning in MW3. He's using the M4 Assault Rifle as a primary weapon and the FMG9 as a secondary weapon. To view more information about these weapons, please visit our page on MW3 Weapons. This time, the player has "Focus" chosen as a Proficiency (Profici3ncy). We're still unsure as to what Proficiency's actually are. He has chosen the Bouncing Betty and an EMP Grenade as pieces of equipment. An EMP Grenade is an interesting concept to say the least. Will it disable all electronics and equipment within a certain blast radius?

If you look at the screenshot above, you'll notice that the player has chosen Support as a Strike Package. His killstreaks are Airdrop Trap, the Remote Turret and the EMP. The EMP will be an 11 killstreak in MW3. The Remote Turret seems be a moving robot that was shown in one of the scenes. The Airdrop Trap will probably act like a Hacked Care Package in Black Ops. His Perks as Extreme Conditioning, Assassin and Sitrep. To view details about the perks, please view our page on MW3 perks.

From the shot above, we can see that the Claymore and Portable Radar are pieces of equipment. The XM25 is chosen as a Secondary Weapon. The ACR is chosen as a Primary Weapon. He has chosen Focus as a Proficiency.

A new killstreak called the Ballistic Vest is chosen as a 5 kill streak. A Recon Drone is a 10 killstreak. The Strealth Bomber is a 14 killstreak. He has chosen Recon, Blast Shield and Dead Silence as perks.

A Proficiency called "Attachments 2" is chosen. The ACR is chosen as an Assault Rifle. It has two attachments - The Hybrid Scope and a Heartbeat Sensor. We can see that the Dragunov is chosen as a Secondary Weapon because he has Overkill selected as a perk. It has a Variable Zoom scope attached.  This means that the Dragunov sniper rifle will be returning in MW3. He has the throwing knife chosen as a piece of equipment. It's also interesting to see a new piece of equipment called a "Trophy System". This looks to be the piece of equipment that we saw repel RPG rockets. Maybe, it's a portable EMP?

As you can see, he has Blind Eye Pro, Overkill Pro and Sitrep Pro chosen as Perks. He has chosen "Specialist" as a Strike Package. His Strike Chain is "Scavenger Pro", "Steady Aim Pro" and "Marksman Pro". This means that in MW3, you will be able to earn perks as killstreaks.