Thursday, August 11, 2011

MW3 Multiplayer Teaser details

To the delight of Call of Duty fans everywhere, Infinity Ward treated everyone to a small multiplayer teaser, which was shown at the end of the Spec Ops Trailer that they released on Tuesday.

Here is a screenshot of the multiplayer teaser scene.

A few things that immediately sprung to mind:

The mini map has a colored 3D effect. It looks a lot more detailed than the mini maps we've seen in previous Call of Duty releases.

We're shown the perspective of somebody that is holding an ACR Assault Rifle. He then switches to an FMG Machine Pistol. Could this mean that machine pistols will be returning as secondary weapons in MW3? In case you didn't realize, the two guns shown in the multiplayer teaser were also featured in the Kotaku leak. You can view screenshots of known MW3 weapons over on our weapons page.

Some sort of device is tripped (a bouncing betty?). The device then launches a bomb into the air, before it explodes, killing FourZeroTwo. Will the bouncing betty be featured as a piece of equipment in MW3?

If you look in the bottom right corner, you'll see what looks to be a Predator Missile. Basically, it looks as if the Predator Missile will be returning in MW3. Another more important thing that was spotted was what looks to be the ability to cycle through your killstreaks. A small select graphic appears over the latest killstreak / scorestreak that was earned.

After the bouncing betty earns our guy the kill, we're told that a killstreak / scorestreak called Juggernaut is ready for delivery. Firstly; does this mean that killstreaks will now be known as scorestreaks? For instance, if I cap two flags in Domination without dying, will I be awarded with a UAV? Secondly; what is the Juggernaut killstreak? Will a Juggernaut suit be delivered so that we can take extra damage? Or will an AI-controlled Juggernaut (like the one's seen in the Spec Ops trailer) be air lifted to the map so that he can fight on our behalf?