Thursday, May 19, 2011

FourZeroTwo announces that feedback from the community regarding OMA, Commando and Second Chance has been loud and clear.

During a Twitter conversation with the community manager of Machinima, FourZeroTwo stated that they should not waste their time talking about Second Chance, One Man Army and Commando, as feedback from the community regarding these perks had been "loud and clear". This obviously means that Infinity Ward are well aware that these perks are hated by the vast majority of players in the Call of Duty community

  • One Man Army (OMA): This perk gave players the ability to refill their grenade launchers after they had run out of ammo. This resulted in players bombarding the enemy team with an infinite amount of explosives.
  • Second Chance: Second Chance is a perk in Black Ops that gives players the ability to survive after they've received the amount of damage that is typically needed to die. Second Chance Pro allowed players to be revived "from death" by their team mates. This perk frustrated other players because it slowed the game down.
  • Commando: Commando was a perk in MW2 that drastically increased the range of the player's knife lunge.